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My Story 



 I'm JoAnn, owner of Sooooothing Tender Comforts.  I  began my blanket-making  as a hobby - giving new moms a  unique baby gift.  When I was blessed with a precious grandson in May 2019, many persons including adults requested similar unique gifts for themselves and others. Thus Sooooothing Tender Comforts was born!  

 Since then, we have expanded to baby clothes, body care items and other unique gifts for every occasion that keep our family and yours feeling the love.  

  The name " Sooooothing Tender Comforts "  comes from my acknowledgement of Jesus as my Saviour and Comforter.  As a bible-believing Christian, I govern my business based on my values – which means you will get nothing but honesty, integrity, and respect.


I would be happy to answer any questions you have and I look forward to providing "Sooooothing Tender Comfort" products for the special loved ones in your life. 

The blanket and baby that inspired the business ! 

Joann pic_edited.jpg
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