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Secret to Plush Blanket Care

Practical ways to care for your handmade Plush Blanket

You have purchased your beautiful handmade Plush blanket from Sooooothing Tender Comforts and you love it! You want to keep the blanket soft and new but how do you care for it?

We at Sooooothing Tender Comforts want to help you with this. Here are four main ways to keep your blankets plush and soft.

  1. Handwash

  • Use lukewarm water

  • use a gentle fabric appropriate detergent

  • Give a gentle but thorough scrub

2. Machine wash

  • wash separately from other clothes

  • Wash in cold water

  • Put on delicate/gentle cycle

  • Add fabric detergent and softeners that promotes soft wash

Air Dry

  • One of the best ways to care for your plush blanket is to let it air dry whether in the sun or a cool dry place

Machine Dry

If you not as fortunate to live in a tropical country, or don't have time to wait, you can dry your handmaid plush blanket in the Dryer

  • Place in dryer by itself

  • Put on lowest heat

  • wait for the beautiful soft plush blanket to keep warm and toasty this winter.

Need a plush blanket for a gift this fall? Come and join us at the Pickering Fair and meet us at the booth. Looking forward to meeting you in person.

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